Marathon Support Package for Spring Marathons and Ultras

Back by popular demand for 2020 Spring Marathon Support Package.

I have been running these support packages for the last few years and they have been very popular and beneficial.

Marathon Support package £145

What you get:

3 treatment session

1st is 60 mins of assessment and treatment

2nd and 3rd are 45 mins


If you were running London in April then you would have the 60min session in January then the 2nd in February and the 3rd in March (both of those 45mins )

The 1st session is hugely important as I do a thorough assessment to check strength in the hips glutes and core which can be a very weak area in runners. If anything needs work I would give you a strength/stretch programme.
The 2 x 30min sessions are 1 week before and after the event and are designed to loosen everything up

Pyment is by bank transfer and I will accept 2 payments half in January and the balance in March

This support package is not only for Marathons but popular for any one on a long training journey as they say every little helps.