COVID Tier 5 Lockdown Clinic Restrictions

January 2021 Newsletter


SO…. there you have it, we’ve made it through the 2nd week week of Tier 5 NATIONAL LOCKDOWN😷 Well done everyone 👏👏

I have now had full confirmation from my governing body FHT  as to what I can do

Having taken sometime to digest, with rapidly rising deaths😢 1 in 50 with the virus I am taking the only solution that TheRackhamEffect Clinic will remain closed for maintenance treatments.

*ONLY EMERGENCIES WILL BE CONSIDERED* and I have a strict protocol to decide if that’s the best course of action.

I need to protect myself, family and YOU my clients.

what I can do

support my clients through

*Zoom meetings 30mins £20*

*     discuss and advise on your current situation

  • demonstrations on any massage techniques given. That could be foam rolling and the use of a ball for trigger point pain areas
  • stretches and exercises to help relive pain and  stiffness

Even just talking about a problem can help😊

For now please Stay home, Stay safe, keep exercising, chat to friends online and keep busy

I will update you all in due course.

Kind regards