COVID-19 Update

After much consulting, guidance and confirmation with my Governing Body the Federation of Sport and Holistic Therapists I am confident and pleased to announce that TheRackhamEffect clinic will be able to offer

**Emergency Appointments ONLY** throughout the current National Lockdown.

Every client is considered on a case by case basis whether they urgently need treatment or not. This will be determined by phone call or zoom meeting and pre screening questions will be discussed.

All emergency appointments will have a reduced treatment time of 40mins.

**PLEASE NOTE** All Maintenance Therapy will be directed to December unless Pre screening determines face to face treatment during November.

Here at TheRackhamEffect I pride myself on strict cleaning protocols for the clinic, my clients and the use of PPE. All new Risk Assesment have been written up.

I am a qualified member of the Federation of Sport and Holistic Therapists and hold my Insurance with them. Without these I could not practise.

This a particularly difficult time for everyone again but we’ve got through it once and we can do it all again.

Stay safe everyone. ?